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Gothic authors (XVIII - XIX th centuries)

Franz and Serena Potter

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Aikin, John

A Fragment, 1773

Ann of Swansea (Mrs. Ann Curtis)

Sicilian Mysteries; or, the Fortress del Vechii, 1812
The Secret Avengers; or, the Rock of Glotzden, 1815
Gonzalo de Balvidio, 1817

Arnold, S.

The Creole, 1796

Armstrong, Leslie

The Anglo-Saxons; or, the Court of Ethelwulf, 1806


Bage, Robert

Man As He Is, 1792
Hermsprong; or, Man As He Is Not, 1796

Ball, Edward

The Black Robber, 1819

Ballin, Rosetta

The Statue Room, 1790

Bird, John

The Castle of Hardayne, 1795

Bonhote, Mrs.

Bungay Castle, 1796

Brewer, J. N.

A Winter's Tale, 1799
Montville Castle, 1808

Bridget Bluemantle (Mrs. E. Thomas)

The Vindictive Spirit, 1812

Burke, Mrs.

The Sorrows of Edith, 1796
The Secret of the Cavern, 1805

Butler, Mrs.

Count Eugenio; or, Fatal Errors, 1807

Butt, Mary (Mrs. Sherwood)

The Traditions, 1795
Margarita, 1799


Charlton, Mary

Phedora; or, the Forest of Minski, 1798
The Pirate of Naples, 1801

Clifford, Francis

The Ruins of Tivoli, 1804

(Cooke, Mrs.)

Battleridge, 1799

Craik, Helen

Henry of Northumberland; or, the Hermit's Cell, 1800

Crandolpho, Augustus Jacob

The Mysterious Hand; or, Subterranean Horrours, 1811

Croffts, Mrs.

Ankerwick Castle, 1800
Salvador; or, Baron de Montbeliard, 1801

Cullen, Stephen

The Haunted Priory, 1794
The Castle of Inchvally, 1796

Curtis, Ann ( Ann of Swansea)

Cuthbertson, Catherine

The Romance of the Pyrenees, 1803
Santo Sebastiano, 1806
The Forest of Montalbano, 1810


Darcre, Charlotte (Rose Matilda)

Dallas, Robert Charles

The Knights: Tales Illustrative of the Marvellous, 1808

Darling, Peter Middleton

The Romance of the Highlands, 1810

De Acton, Eugenia

The Nuns of the Desert; or, the Woodland Witches, 1805

Doherty, Mrs. Ann (St. Ann)


Elson, Jane

The Romance of the Castle, 1800

English, John

The Grey Friar and the Black Spirit of the Wye, 1810

Evans, Robert

The Dream; or, Noble Cambrians, 1801


Fenwick, R. D.

The Goblin Groom, a Tale of Dunse, 1809

Fox, John

Tancred, 1791
Santa Maria; or, the Mysterious Pregnancy, 1797

Francis, Sophia L.

Vivonio; or, the Hour of Retribution, 1806
Constance de Lindendorf, 1807
Angelo Guicciardini; or, the Alpine Bandit, 1809

Fuller, Ann

Alan Fitz-Osborne, 1786


Gabrielli ( Meeke, Mary)

(Gaspey, Thomas)

Mystery; or, Forty Years ago, 1820
Other Times; or, the Monks of Leadenhead, 1823

Godwin, William

St. Leon, 1799

Gooch, Mrs.

Sherwood Forest; or, Northern Adventures, 1804

Green, Sarah

The Festival of St. Jago, 1810
Romance Readers and Romance Writers, 1810

Grosse, Marquis de

The Genius, 1796
Horrid Mysteries, 1796


Hales, I. M. H.

De Willenburgh; or, the Talisman, a Tale of Mystery, 1821

Hamilton, Miss

The Forest of St. Bernardo, 1806

Hanway, Mrs.

Falconbridge Abbey, 1809

(Harley, Mrs.)

St. Bernard's Priory, 1789
The Castle of Mowbray, 1788

Harvey, Jane

Warkfiefld Castle, 1802
The Castle of Tynemouth, 1806
Brougham Castle, 1816

Harwood, Caroline

The Castle of Vivaldi; or, the Mysterious Injunction, 1810

Hasworth, H. H.

The Lady of the Cave, 1802

Haynes, Miss C. D.

Eleanor; or, the Spectre of St. Michael's, 1821

Helme, Elisabeth

The Farmer of Inglewood Forest, 1799
Albert; or, the Wilds of Strathnavern, 1799
St. Margaret's Cave; or, the Nun's Story, 1801
St. Clair of the Isles, 1803
The Pilgrims of the Cross, 1805

Herbert, William

The Spanish Outlaw, 1807

Hernon, G. D.

Louisa, or, the Black Tower, 1805

Hervey, Elisabeth

The Church of St. Siffrid, 1797
The Mourtray Family, 1800

Hitchener, William Henry

The Towers of Ravenswold, 1814

Holstein, Anthony Frederick

The Assassin of St. Glenroy, 1810
Love, Mystery and Misery, 1810

Horsley, Curties, T. J.

Ethelwina, 1799
Ancient Records; or, the Abbey of St. Oswythe, 1801
The Scottish Legend; or, the Isle of Clothari, 1802
The Watch Tower; or, the Sons of Ulthona, 1803-1804
St. Botolph's Priory; or, the Sable Mask, 1806
The Monk of Udolpho, 1807

Houghton, Miss Mary

The Mysteries of the Forest, 1810

(Howell, Mrs.)

Rosenberg, 1789

Huish, Robert

The Mysteries of Ferney Castle, 1810
The Brothers; or, the Castle of Nielo, 1820
The Red Barn, 1828
Fitzallan, 1832

Hunt, J. P.

The Iron Mask; or, the Adventures of a Father and Son, 1809

Hunter, Rachel

Letitia; or, the Castle without a Spectre


Ireland, William Henry

The Abbess, 1799
Rimualdo; or, the Castle of Badajos, 1800
Bruno; or, the Sepulchral Summons, 1804
Gondez the Monk, 1805
The Catholic, 1807

(Isaacs, Mrs.)

Ariel; or, the Invisible Monitor, 1801
Glenmore Abbey; or, the Lady of the Rock, 1805


Kahlert, K. F. (Lawrence Flammenberg)

Kelly, Isabella

Madeline; or, the Castle of Montgomery, 1794
The Abbey of St. Asaph, 1795
The Ruins of Avondale Priory, 1796
Ruthinglenne; or, the Critical Moment, 1801
The Baron's Daughter: a Gothic Romance, 1802

(Kendall, A.)

The Castle on the Rock, 1798
Tales of the Abbey, 1800

Kerr, Ann

The Heiress di Montalde, 1799
Adeline St. Julian; or, the Midnight Hour, 1800
Edric the Forester; or, the Mysteries of the Haunted Chamber, 1817

King, Sophia

The Fatal Secret; or, Unknown Warrior, 1801


Lamb, Lady Caroline

Glenarvon, 1816
Ada Reis, 1823

Lambe, George

The Mysteries of Ferney Castle, 1810

Lancaster, Agnes

The Abbess of Valtiera; or, the Sorrows of a Falsehood, 1816

Lansdell, Tenterden Sarah

Manfredi, Baron St. Osmund, 1796
The Tower, 1798

Lathom, Francis

The Castle of Ollada, 1795
The Midnight Bell, 1798
Mystery, 1800
Astonishment!!!, 1802
The Impenebrable Secret; Find It Out!, 1805
The Mysterious Freebooter, 1806
The Fatal Vow; or, St. Michael's Monastery, 1807
The Unknown; or, the Northern Gallery, 1808
Italian Mysteries; or, More Secrets than One, 1820

Lathy, Thomas Pike

The Invisible Enemy, 1806

Lawrence Flammenberg (K. F. Kahlert)

The Necromancer; or Tale of the Black Forest, 1794

Lee, Harriet and Sophia

The Canterbury Tales, 1797-1805

Lee, Sophia

The Recess, 1783-1785

Lewis, Matthew Gregory

The Monk, 1796
The Bravo of Venice, 1805
Feudal Tyrants, 1806
Romantic Tales, 1808
The Wood Daemon; or, the Clock has Struck, 1807

Linley, William

Forbidden Apartments, 1800

Loney, T. C.

Sebastian and Isabel; or, the Invisible Sword, 1811

Lyttleton, Mr.

The German Sorceress, 1803


Mackenzie, Anna Maria (Ellen of Exeter)

Danish Massacre, 1791
Mysteries Eluciadated, 1795
The Neapolitan, 1796
Dusseldorf; or, the Fraticide, 1798
Martin and Mansfeldt, 1802

Marshall, Thomas, H.

The Irish Necromancer, 1821

Martin, Mrs.

Melbourne, 1798
Reginald; or, the House of Mirandola, 1799

Maturin, Charles Robert

The Fatal Revenge; or, the House of Montorio, 1807
The Milesian Chief, 1812
Melmoth the Wanderer, 1820
The Albigenses, 1824

Meeke, Mary (Gabrielli)

The Abbey of Clugny, 1795
Count St. Blanchard; or the Prejudiced Judge, 1795
The Mysterious Wife, 1797
The Sicilian, 1798
The Mysterious Husband, 1801
Midnight Weddings, 1802
There is a Secret. Find it out!, 1808
Laughton Priory, 1809
The Veiled Protectress; or, the Mysterious Mother, 1819

Melville, Theodore

The White Knight; or, the Monastery of Morne, 1802
The Benevolent Monk; or, the Castle of Ollala, 1807

Millikin, Anna

The Rival Chiefs; or the Battle of the Mere, 1805

Montague, Edward

The Castle of Berry-Pomeroy, 1806
Legends of a Nunnery, 1807
The Demon of Sicily, 1807

Moore, Edward

The Mysteries of Hungary, 1817

Moore, George

Grasville Abbey, 1797
Theosodius de Zulvin, the Monk of Madrid, 1802

Moore, John

Zeluco: Various Veiws of Human Nature, 1789

Morley, G. T.

Deeds of Darkness; or, the Unnatural Uncle, 1805

Musgrave, Agnes

Cecily; or, the Rose of Raby, 1795
Edmund of the Forest, 1797 The Solemn Injunction, 1798
The Confession, 1801
William de Montford; or, the Sicilian Heiress, 1808


Naubert, Christiane B. E. (Professor Kramer)



The Chamber of Death; or, the Fate of Rosario, 1809

Owenson, Miss (Lady Morgan)

The Novice of St. Dominick, 1806


Palmer, John

The Haunted Cavern, 1796
The Mystery of the Black Tower, 1796
The Mystic Sepulchre, 1807

Parker, Emma

Elfrida, Heiress of Belgrove, 1811

Parker, Elisabeth

Orwell Manor, 1795

Parsons, Eliza

The Castle of Wolfenbach, 1793
Lucy, 1794
The Mysterious Warning, 1796
The Girl of the Mountains, 1797
The Valley of St. Gothard, 1799
The Peasant of Ardenne Forest, 1801
The Mysterious Visit, 1802

Pickard, Mary

The Castle of Roviego, 1805

Pilkington, Miss

Rosina, 1793
The Subterranean Cavern, 1798
The Accusing Spirit, 1802
Ellen, Heiress of the Castle, 1810
The Novice; or, the Heir of Montgomery Castle, 1814

Poyney, Quintin

The Wizard Priest and the Witch, 1822

Proby, William Charles

The Mysterious Seal, 1799
The Spirit of the Castle, 1800

Professor Kamer (Christiane B. E. Naubert)

Herman of Unna, 1794

Miss Purbeck

Neville Castle, 1802


Radcliffe, Ann

The Castles of Athlin and Dunbayne, 1789
A Sicilian Romance, 1790
The Romance of the Forest, 1791
The Mysteries of Udolpho, 1794
The Italian, 1797
Gaston de Blondeville, (1803) 1826

Radcliffe, Mary Ann

Manfrone; or, the One-Handed Monk, 1809

Reeve, Clara

The Champion of Virtue (later The Old English Baron), 1777

Reeve, Sophia

The Mysterious Wanderer, 1807

Rice, Mrs.

Monteith, 1806

Robinson, Mary

Hubert de Sevrac, 1796

Roche, Regina Maria

The Children of the Abbey, 1796
Clermont, 1798
The Nocturnal Visit, 1800
The Houses of Osma and Almeria, 1810
The Monastery of St. Columb, 1813

Rosa Matilda (Charlote Dacre)

The Confessions of the Nun of St. Omer, 1805
Zofloya; or, the Moor, 1806
The Libertine, 1807
The Passions, 1811

Roviere, Henrietta

Lussington Abbey, 1804
Craig Melrose Abbey, 1816


St. Ann (Mrs. Ann Doherty)

The Castles of Wolfnorth and Monteagle, 1812

St. John, Andrew

Tales of Former Times, 1808

Sarratt, J. H.

Koenigsmark the Robber; or, the Terror of Bohemia, 1801

Scott, Honoria

The Castle of Strathmay, 1814

Selden, Catherine

The English Nun, 1797
Villa Nova; or, the Ruined Castle, 1805

Shelley, Percy Bysshe

Zastrozzi, 1810
St. Irvyne; or, the Rosicrucian, 1811

Sherwood, Mrs. (Butt, Mary)

Showes, Mrs.

The Restless Matron, 1799

Sicklemore, Richard

Edgar; or, the Phantom of the Castle, 1798
Osrick; or, Modern Horrors, 1809

Siddons, Henry

William Wallace, 1791

Singer, Mr.

The Mystic Castle 1796
The Wanderer of the Alps, 1796
Edwin; or, the Heir of Aella, 1803

Sleath, Mrs. Eleanor

The Orphan of the Rhine, 1798
Who's the Murderer? Or, the Mystery of the Forest, 1802
The Nocturnal Minstrel; or, the Spirit of the Wood, 1810
Pyrenean Banditti, 1811

Smith, Catherine

The Castle of Arragon; or, the Banditti of the Forest, 1809-1810
The Caledonian Banditti; or, the Heir of Duncaethal, 1811

Barozzi; or, the Venetian Sorceress, 1811

Smith, Charlotte

Emmeline, the Orphan of the Castle, 1788
Ethelinde; or, the Recluse of the Lake, 1789
The Old Manor House, 1793

Stanhope, Louisa Sidney

Montbrazil Abbey, 1806
Di Montranzo; or, the Novice of Corpus Domini, 1810
The Confessional of Valombre, 1812
The Nun of Santa Maria di Tindaro, 1818

Stray, J.

Minstrel of the North; or, Cambrian Legends, 1810

Stuart, Augusta Amelia

The Cave of Toledo; or, the Gothic Princess, 1812

Sullivan, Ann

Owen Castle; or, Which is the Heroine?, 1816

Summersett, Henry

Jaqueline of Olzenburg; or, Final Retribution, 1800
Martyn of Fenrose; or, the Wizard and the Sword, 1801

Sykes, Mrs. S.

Margiana; or, Widdrington Tower, 1808


Thomas, Mrs. E. ( Bridget Bluemantle)

Tschink, Cajetan

The Victim of Magical Delusion, 1795


Walker, George

The Romance of the Cavern, 1792
The Haunted Castle, 1794
The House of Tynian, 1795
Don Raphael, 1803

Walpole, Horace

The Castle of Otranto, 1764

Warner, Rev. Richard

Netley Abbey, 1795

Wentworth, Zara

The Recluse of Albyn Hall, 1819

Weber, Weit

The Sorcerer, 1795
The Black Valley, 1796

White, James

Earl Strongbow, 1789
The Adventures of John of Gaunt, 1790
The Adventures of King Richard Coeur de Lion, 1791

White, T. H.

Bellgrove Castle; or, the Horrid Spectre, 1803

Wilkinson, Sarah

The Chateau de Montville, 1803
The Subterraneous Passage; or, Gothic Cell, 1803
The Knights of Calatrava; or, Days of Chivalry, 1804
Inkle and Yarico; or, Love in a Cave, 1805
Monkcliffe Abbey, 1805
The Water Spectre; or, an Bratach
The Castle Spectre; or, Family Horrors, 1807
The Mysterious Novice; or, Convent of the Grey Penitents, 1809
The Castle of Montabino; or, the Orphan Sisters, 1810
Torbolton Abbey, 1810
The Spectres; or Lord Oswald and Lady Rosa
The Ruffian Boy; or, The Castle of Waldmar
Zittaw the Cruel; or, the Woodman's Daughter
The Fugitive Countess; or, the Convent of St. Ursula, 1807
The Convent of Grey Penitents; or, the Apostate Nun, 1810
The Spectre of Lanmere Abbey, 1820

Williams, William Frederick

Fitz-Maurice, 1800
The Witcheries of Craig Isaf, 1805
The World We Live in, 1804


Young, Mary Julia

Mosscliff Abbey; or, the Sepulchral Harmonist, 1803
Right and Wrong; or, the Kinsman of Naples, 1803
Donalda; or, the Witches of Glenshiel, 1805

Yorke, Mrs. R. M. P.

The Valley of Collares; or, the Cavern of Horrors, 1800
The Haunted Palace; or, the Horrors of Ventoliene, 1801
The Romance of Smyrna; or, the Prediction Fulfilled!, 1801


Ziegenhirt, Sophia F.

The Orphan of Tintern Abbey, 1816



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